About Me

A Maui resident since 1997, like many others I fell in love with Charleston and have made it my home. I’ve been drawn to ships and boats since my teen years as a Sea Scout and I got my start in the marine field with Atlantis Submarines on Maui where I worked my way from Deck Hand to Captain and Submersible Pilot. I moved to Seattle in 2006 and worked as a Journeyman Marine Electrician for Harris Electric through the Puget Sound Electrical Worker’s Union. I moved back to Maui and commuted to Alaska to work as the Ship’s Electrician on the Arctic Fjord and the Arctic Storm while also working for myself as Deep Sea Marine. Both Vessels are large Bering Sea factory trawlers based in Seattle under the Arctic Storm Management Group. I worked 2 years at the Alcoa/Century Aluminum plant in Mt. Holly when I first moved to South Carolina, but have since returned to my first love, the sea. I have excellent local references and will provide a free consultation to qualified clients before writing a quote for any work to be done. My position on the ships in the Alaskan Fisheries allows me half the year to undertake work while home, so please call me to arrange a meeting to see if I can help you with your projects.