My name is Jeff Sharrow and I’m a Marine Electrician based in Charleston, SC. I’m available @ $75/hr. locally and will negotiate an agreement to travel. I have 16 years of experience in the Marine field and have extensive experience repairing and installing all manner of electrical gear on vessels large and small. I worked for Harris Electric both in Seattle and in Dutch Harbor Alaska and worked on the Arctic Fjord as the Ship’s Electrician. The Fjord is a 272 foot fishing boat where I ran the Electrical Department and was responsible for everything electrical including PLC factory automation and controls, marine industrial lighting, ships propulsion controls, alarms, bridge radios and electronics, house electrical for 114 people and 480 to 120 generation and distribution. I am now the Ship’s Electrician on the Arctic Storm, which is the Fjord’s big sister and take on projects when I’m home 6 months a year.